Advanced custom routes for WordPress REST API

WordPress Headless is a thing nowadays. Our mission is to make the process of creating complex custom routes smooth and fun

Basic version with limited resources

available on WordPress repository

What our clients are saying

Who is that for?

Front-end Developers

If you are a WordPress front-end developer or a mobile developer that uses WordPress as a back-end service you would take a lot from Rest Routes. You can build your front-end applications using any framework of your choice (React, Vue, etc.) and then use Rest Routes to design the custom endpoints that they will consume without the need of touching PHP code for it.

Integration with third-party APIs

This plugin is recommended for you that is developing WordPress applications that need to communicate with external servers. You can easily build custom routes that will both expose data to the third-party server and populate data into your WordPress application database.

WordPress Headless Applications

If you are simply using the WordPress as a back-end application, which means that you are not using anything related to the front-end of the WordPress, such as Themes, then this plugin is fully recommended for you. You can easily build custom routes that will let you expose your back-end data and also populate existing database tables.

Craft fresh routes for your site

Have you ever thought in the possibility of adding custom endpoints for the WordPress REST API without touching a single line of PHP code? That’s a reality now with Rest Routes!

Extend the WordPress REST API by creating awesome and fully customizable REST endpoints.

CUSTOM ROUTES FOR custom tables

Create completely customized routes for your custom database tables for displaying, creating, editing and deleting items. Through Rest Routes Pro you are not limited to the native WordPress tables.


  • Add filters for the table columns
  • Define the results order
  • Limit or skip data in the output
  • Define columns you want to expose

collection of filters available

You will find a bunch of filters for any kind of WordPress object. If you are working with posts, then post fields filters will be presented to you. If you are working with taxonomies, then taxonomies fields will be available and so on.

design the output of your route

The output of your custom routes are fully customizable too. You will be able to expose only fields that you really want.


Also, you are not limited to the basic post, term and user fields. You can also output custom fields and attached terms.

Third party compatibility

Compatible with the most known plugins for custom types out there, such as ACF, ACF Pro  and Toolset Types.


You are not limited to single custom fields, you can also display complex and nested repeating custom fields from posts, terms and users.

Here are some of the many features

Custom Tables

Create completely customized routes for your custom database tables. You will be able to display, create, edit and delete items from any table.

Custom Post Types

Create routes for displaying, editing and creating posts. Every route type works also with custom fields and taxonomies.

Custom Parameters

Custom parameters are the way to make end users interact with your endpoints. You will be able to refine the endpoint results by setting up custom parameters to be consumed by your endpoints.

Multiple Endpoints

Multiple endpoints for each route are allowed. You will be able to define one endpoint for each HTTP method for your route.

Custom Taxonomies

Create routes for displaying your taxonomies as well as its meta fields.

WordPress Users

Build routes for manipulating users and user meta fields. You will be able to display, edit and create users.

Privacy Control

Every custom endpoint of your route can be protected accordingly to the WordPress capabilities types.

Output Customizable

You can now expose any kind of information through the endpoint output. Depending on the endpoint type you are using, you will find different kind of fields to expose.

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If during the next 30 days you experience an issue that makes the plugin unusable and we are unable to resolve it, we’ll happily consider offering a full refund of your money

demo videos


CUSTOM route for creating CUSTOM posts

Take a look at some screenshots

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