Advanced custom routes for WordPress REST API

WordPress Headless is a thing nowadays. Our mission is to make the process of creating complex custom routes smooth and fun

Basic version with limited resources

available on WordPress repository

What our clients are saying

Craft fresh routes for your site

Have you ever thought in the possibility of adding custom endpoints for the WordPress REST API without touching a single line of PHP code? That’s a reality now with Rest Routes!

Extend the WordPress REST API by creating awesome and fully customizable REST endpoints.

CUSTOM ROUTES FOR custom tables

Create completely customized routes for your custom database tables. Through Rest Routes Pro you are not limited to the native WordPress tables.


  • Add filters for the table columns
  • Define the results order
  • Limit or skip data in the output
  • Define columns you want to expose

collection of filters available

A bunch of free filters are available for you that will incredibly enhance your custom REST routes in the distance of a few mouse clicks.

Much more filters and features are available in the PRO version.

design the output of your route

The output of your custom routes are fully customizable too. Expose only fields that matter for you.

Third party compatibility

Display any kind of custom field defined with ACF and ACF Pro.

You are not limited to single custom fields, you can also display complex and nested repeating custom fields.


Custom tables ready

Create completely customized routes for your custom database tables.

Custom post types ready

Create routes for displaying as well as for creating posts of any type.

Accept more methods

You can build since a simple GET endpoint for exposing your posts or a complex POST endpoint for creating posts under certain post type.

Custom parameters

Define as many custom parameters as you wish for your custom endpoints.

Complex custom queries

A powerful custom query constructor that will make your life easier. Build complex custom filters for your endpoints in a few mouse clicks.

Custom taxonomies ready

Create routes for displaying your taxonomies as well as its meta fields.

Connecting on post creation

Define routes for posts creation and at the same time connecting custom fields and terms to newly created posts. This feature is fully compatible with custom parameters, making it so powerful.

Total privacy control

Every custom endpoint of your route can be protected. You will tell which kind of user can see what.

A huge collection of filters

We have basically filters for everything: basic post fields, custom fields, custom taxonomies and much more.

Output fully customizable

You can now expose any kind of information through your endpoint output. Default post fields, custom fields and terms are allowed.


CUSTOM route for creating CUSTOM posts

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experiment the pro version now

Click in the link below and take a look in the comparison between the PRO and Basic version and see which one works best for you