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Rest Routes 5.5.0

Rest Routes 5.5.0 Insert custom URL parameters values on your Custom SQL Query endpoint type and much more… PRO PRICING By Adriano Ferreira New Custom

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Rest Routes 5.3.0

Rest Routes 5.3.0 Now you are able to perform authenticated requests through Basic Authentication. PRO PRICING By Adriano Ferreira Basic Authentication is not available!  

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Rest Routes 5.0

Rest Routes 5.0 Write Custom SQL Queries and make HTTP requests PRO PRICING By Adriano Ferreira We are pleased to announce the 5.0 release of

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Rest Routes 4.23.0

Rest Routes 4.23.0 PRO PRICING By Adriano Ferreira Rest Routes 4.23.0   We are pleased to announce the 4.23.0 release of Rest Routes. We’ve done

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Rest Routes 4.0

Rest Routes 4.0 is out! Today is the day that we will be bringing to you some of the most asked features ever. Please take

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Rest Routes 3.6.0

Rest Routes 3.6.0 We’ve introduced a very interesting feature on this release. Now you will be able to create custom endpoints for editing posts, taxonomies

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