WordPress Plugin Skeleton

A simple starting point for developing WordPress plugins

By Adriano Ferreira

Starting a new plugin can be a hassle! Many default files to define, configuration files, folders, etc. Doing that repeatedly can be even worse. Knowing that and also by the fact that a great part of our subscribers are WordPress developers, we’ve decided to release a simple WordPress Skeleton Plugin as open-source to help you when building new WordPress plugins.


What comes in:


  • File structure based on WordPress.org recommendations
  • Composer configured
  • PHPUnit settings defined
  • Twig added and a Loader class for it
  • Travis settings defined
  • A hook class sample
  • Make commands for building, testing and developing

It is available in both GitHub and Composer Packagist.


It’s recommended that you use Composer to install this library.


  • Create an empty folder inside of “wp-content/plugins” and name it as your plugin name
  • Enter inside of it through terminal and run the command:

$ composer create-project adrianoferreira/wp-plugin-skeleton:dev-master

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